There is a version of your life that your higher self has dreamed for you. In this version you have an abundance of energy and your presence in the world blesses you, your loved ones and those you don’t even know. One of our great tasks is to remember that dream and have the courage and tenacity to move towards it. In doing so, we make new choices, evolve our consciousness, share our gifts and bless the world simply be being here. In short we fulfill our destiny.

We know as women, the past few years have been a challenge like no other. We also know that when our cups our filled and we are energized by connection, we can more easily sustain and encourage our families, our friends and the world around us. When we feel supported, we can move mountains.

A few years ago, Aveen successfully lost over fifty pounds without drama or diet mentality. This was after years and years of knowing what to do but somehow not being able to succeed in losing the weight. Perhaps this is your story as well. By blending her knowledge in functional medicine with the power of managing thoughts and emotions, Aveen was able to create sustanined behavioral change. The best part? It felt easy and drama free. She began teaching this in group coaching circles with reproducible, outstanding results.

This program is a self-guided six week journey. It is filled with simple plans and practices to change habits and feel better physically while reconnecting with your vitality and presence. Losing weight happens too but the real gift is knowing you can stay true to the promises you have made to yourself. Once you do this, you can make change in any area of your life.

Thru simple food rules, managing your mind, breath, reflection and meditation we will slow down and create a spaciousness often missing in our busy daily lives. Whole Hearted Weight Loss is not about doing more but rather, pausing, listening and resourcing the innate strength within each of us to create the change you desire.

Although our theme is weight loss, the centered-ness created thru the weekly teachings helps to shift many areas of our lives. When we place our focused attention on any one area, the whole changes. Relationships improve. We feel more vital and healthy in our bodies. Our enthusiasm for future projects increases. We feel better equipped and resourced to be with the uncertainty in our world. In short, we feel stronger, more connected and ready to live our purpose and create the life we desire.

You are here on this planet at this moment for a purpose. You have gifts to unpack and offer to the world- even during a pandemic, especially in a pandemic. These are gifts that only you can share. If you have been putting off showing up in the world due to concerns about your weight, this program is for you. It is time to shine.

This group will assist you to:

  • Create a simple and life long plan to eat in a way that serves your body

  • Give you sustainable results in losing weight, living your purpose and feeling more vital in your body and heart.

  • Feel your feelings instead of eating them

  • Remember that you are a powerful woman capable of the change you desire.

If you love the idea of combining intention, intuition, energy and a little magic to create what only you can bring to this world then please, sign up for Whole Hearted Weight Loss today to begin your journey.

Dr. Aveen Banich

Aveen Banich is a board certified ophthalmologist, writer, certified yoga teacher and Reiki master. She is also mother to four children and a dynamic facilitator who offers workshops on yoga, meditation and self-empowerment. Her interest lies in blending contemporary spirituality and integrative healing practices into modern life.

She has completed functional medicine training with Chris Kresser and is currently working on her certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Her personal development background includes participation in various circles and trainings over the past 13 years with leading authors/teachers including: Joan Borysenko PhD, Panache Desai, Judith Blackstone PhD and Gary Kraftsow. She has studied Reiki and became a Reiki master with her teacher Lisa Thelen in 2012. Aveen completed her 230-hour yoga teacher training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and taught in their teacher-training program. Aveen also participated in a three contemplative journey at the Christine Center entitled, “Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation and recently completed a year long Un-training with Jessica Patterson at Root Center for Yoga and Spiritual Studies in 2021. She is currently enrolled in a spiritual direction program with Atum O’Kane.


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